Why WordPress is the BOSS…

WordPress is simply put, the most widely used Content Management System (CMS) running over 68 Million websites in the world.

If you’re unsure what a CMS is, it’s the software that runs behind a website to allow for the website owner or administrator/s to add new content, edit existing content etc.

Many websites are built without a CMS, which is not a bad thing, but means that the owner of the website (the client) is unable to edit or add their own content to the website, and instead are forced to goto the web developer or someone who has a knowledge of HTML/ CSS.

Why is WordPress the most popular CMS available today (2013)? Let’s look at the reasons why…

1. It’s Free

Enough said, you can’t beat FREE.

2. Plugin Availibility

If you’ve ever wanted your website to perform a certain function, or contain a particular feature (like a shopping cart) then you can guarantee at least 3 other people have developed a widely supported plugin that will take hours off any development project.

3. Easiest to learn and use

At the end of every project I spend an hour or so training my clients on how to use WordPress. Generally speaking everyone I show can pickup WordPress within around 20 minutes, after this they can take to Google and learn the rest by themselves.

Droneboy Laundry Website in the making!

So this is coming… very chuffed to be working with one of our favourite designers! Droneboy Laundry is a well established and highly respected label featuring designs and influences from Cardiff, Metalheadz & Hospital Records, as well as a whole heap of other influences we are probably completely unaware of! Stay tuned for this as we are looking at getting this up and running promptly for our most recent addition!


Presenting our latest project… Lazarou Brothers Cardiff

We have just launched our latest site for the famous Lazarou Brothers Cardiff, a chain of family run salons & barbers across the Cardiff and surrounding local areas.

Lazarou Brothers Hair Group was formed in 1966 with the opening of it’s first salon in Riverside, Cardiff by older brothers Steve & Jimmy Lazarou. Shortly followed into the business by younger brothers Laz, the late Tass with wife Maria, George, Mario with wife Harri and Sister Androulla with husband Mario.

Click here to visit www.lazarouhairsalons.co.uk 

Snowboarding 2013 (How we spent our winter)

So spending many many hours late at night working until 12AM most nights DOES infact have it’s benefits! Thanks to Avoriaz and Portes De Solèil for letting us fall down your slopes, awesome powder too. But now… BACK TO WORK!

Stay tuned for more updates about what projects we’ve been working on and the reason we’ve been able to come and hang out in France!