Creating beautifully better websites and brands.

Neon Panda are a company that go against the grain, with craftmanship as our top priority. It all starts somewhere, we are here to get you started.

We are a Cardiff based design and internet marketing company, serving clients across the UK and worldwide. Working in harmony with our clients, our aim is to deliver affordable yet beautiful websites that make the internet a more visually exciting place to be. Having a website is not just for the large corportations with handfuls of disposable cash, but for the smaller to medium sized business too.

One reason we stay small is so we can remain connected personally with our clients and the work we produce for them. In a constant growing agency run industry, someone has got to be the little guy, and we are more than happy to be just that. Our clients value our direct interaction, and lack of management layer.


Who do you work with?

We often work with companies that are looking for a visual designer who can also handle a wide range of other web and graphic-design related tasks. Although we regard all jobs with the highest integrity, we dont have the ability to handle 18 month project or large scale work that requires board meetings and sales projections.


Why work with us?

We do a lot. Our clients usually require the multi-talented approach, in scenarios where hiring a full-intensive team may not make sense.

We dont require special care and watering. Our clients are usually looking for someone who can jump straight in and not spend days in meetings.

Be assured, you have our FULL attention. Our business only succeeds when you like what we do, and get the changes you want!
We’re small, lean and keen baby!


Boring Details

Neon Design was founded at the beginning of 2010 as a sister company to ‘Penarth Computers’ in order to provide an internet presence to small business’, non-profits and charity organisations. Our team have been developing websites for over 6 years and take pride in maintaining a personal relationship with all our clients, not matter how small. It is often said of us “find something you love, and you’ll find a way to make a living while doing it”.

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